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Moran is a graduate with distinction of “Hed Collage of Music” in Tel Aviv

(Today is a part of Kiriat Ono University),  and of the “Y.Aharon Conservatory” in Petah Tikva. ​

Moran Graduated from 'Hed Collage of Music' with a piano recital including 

pieces from Bach, Mozart, Rahmaninov,


Bill Evans, Charlie Parker, and original compositions. Since 2009 Moran has been teaching piano and Vocal lessons in various music institutions.

Moran teaches contemporary music, jazz, classical music, improvisation, songwriting and more. She conducts group ensembles, choirs, and works as a musical manager.

Moran is often invited to give artist class in music schools, where she is sharing her rich history in the music field, talking about her projects and collaborations with different musicians. 

Moran is also a session pianist and recorded for various world known artists and bands. 

She worked and working in theatres as an accompanying pianist. 

Among her teachers were world known jazz pianist Slava Ganelin, Nahom Perfekovich, Tanya Plavin, Rachel Isakova, Rafi Kadishzon, Ranko Richman, Silvia Shamai, Avia Teri, Tami Cohen, and today she is a student of known concert pianist and pedagog, Professor Yossi Reshef.

In Addition to Moran's rock/metal background- Moran Magal is also a pianist/composer who accompanied many theatre productions, Cabaret shows, actors for acting schools auditions/performances and more. Moran played as a pianist at "Habima" Israel's National theatre on the cast of 'HABIMA' from Yoram Levinstein Acting School, " Beit Zvi" Acting School , "Zavta" Theater- Tel Aviv, and more. Productions:-Moran Magal composed the music for the Cabaret show " Digital Love " that was showing at the acclaimed " Woman Festival" in Holon - Israel - 2014.  - I n 2020, Moran served as a pianist for the translated German version of 'Heathers' The musical - Berlin  

***lessons are pre paid with PayPal***

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