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Dark/Epic Folk Rock - Melodic Metal
Piano-based Folk/Rock with a unique Gothic Metal edge whose main Influences are rock, folk/metal and symphonic metal.

Moran Magal can already proudly look back at many performances and shows on acclaimed festivals across Europe, such as Carte Blanche Festival 2018 (BE), WGT Leipzig  FemMe (NL), and as opening act for Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema), just to name a few.

For 2019, Moran Magal gave a highly successful performance at Trolls & Légendes festival (BE)  where they  presented their brand new album — Under Your Bed

Under Your Bed is a perfect culmination of aforementioned journey and progression that benefits greatly from Moran’s infallible sense for the perfect song, a big heart beating the drum for a warm, welcoming soul and a curious, open mind. Be prepared for a musical kaleidoscope that’s hallmarked by a dark, powerful singer-songwriter drive with a slight edge of pumping gothic/doom metal when the extra pummeling oomph is appropriate for the song. From haunting, melancholic adagio to engaging, boppy stomp — Moran herself carefully directed the instrumental arrangements during recording and production to keep her enticing vision intact.

Meandering between Marcos Feminella’s and Ishay Sommer’s strong, punchy drum/bass section — which is often lead by her own powerful piano bass notes — and a wonderfully concerted, vibrantly shimmering dialog between Frederico Truzzi’s chequered guitar magic, Shir-Ran Yinon’s yearning violin patterns and her own, highly dynamic piano play and superb vocal range, Moran takes the listener’s hand and pulls them into a vivid world created to get hooked on in a snap.




Metal beloved Classics with Virtuoso Piano & mesmerising Vocals 

Moran Magal's album "Shades of Metal" is her Private collection of Heavy Metal cherished hits transformed into beautiful piano & Vocal signature renditions. This cross-genre concept appeals to both “Metal Heads”, as well as mainstream audiences and is currently being featured on various international festival stages.

"Moran Magal was able to captivate the audience with her own songs, as well as some pretty risky and exquisite covers to Heavy Metal Songs. A pleasant surprise and a great recommendation to those who do not yet know her"

(Opening act for Daniel Cavanagh - Anathema , Berlin) - Goetia Media Spain Magazine 2015

>>>POISON >>>

>>> CHOPSUEY! >>>



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