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Female Artist/Band 


Dark Epic Rock/ Folk- Metal

Moran Magal is both an incredibly gifted pianist and a versatile songwriter with a captivating signature voice that's easy to recognise.

Moran's talent did not go unnoticed in the scene either, which has led to her working with well-known acts such as Warrel Dane (Nevermore), Orphaned Land and Tanzwut.

The album from Moran Magal & band Under your Bed - which was released in August 2019 has received praises from international webzines, bloggers and metal magazines such as Metallian, Rock It!, Orkus, Fireworks Magazine and Metal Temple. The album was also played by radio stations across Europe such as Loop Side World of L, Radio Dark Fire, Campus Radios and more.

Moran Magal presents a unique musical style that combines Dark - Epic Rock, and Folk Metal with some progressive influences.

Despite this mixture, Moran Magal’s songs are consistently catchy and can easily attract fans of all genres, and not only metal-heads.

As Moran's hands glide over the piano as an extension of her body, Moran’s unique vocal depth blends light with dark, pain with humour, and honesty from the intimacy of her soul with stirring melodies.

Moran Magal have released in April 2023  her fifth studio album TIME PRISONER  with the label 7HARD. The Album was is written, composed and produced by Moran herself and the co-producer and orchestrator Matthias Alexander Preysinger.

Benjamin Schwenen (Tanzwut, Elli Berlin)

has mixed and mastered - after

successfully doing it as well on Moran’s previous album - Under Your Bed.

Musicians who recorded both Moran' s Latest albums (UNDER YOUR Bed and Time prisoner) Are: Ishay Sommer, , Shir-Ran Yinon, Skye Kinlaw, Thomas Kock, Federico Truzzi, Marcos Feminella, Stimmgewalt Choir, Ference Honeys, Matthihas Alexander Preysinger. 


This is what the press says:

'All in all, MORAN MAGAL's voyage of discovery in the direction of Dark Metal was very worthwhile. The fusion of the sounds gives MORAN MAGAL a wide variety of sound and mood dimensions to choose from. "Under Your

Bed" is bursting with expressiveness, character and ingenuity.

There is an incredible amount to discover in the songs and there is never a dull moment. In addition, the songs are rousing and have a very high recognition value. "Under Your Bed" is simply an experience that every fan of handmade, honest music should listen to - not just Metalheads’.

– (GER)

As some snow fell on the streets of Helsinki, we witnessed a dark assemblage of

emotions captured in Moran Magal's songs. There is a theatrical feeling about it,

which will be fun for many listeners'.

– (FI)

'MORAN MAGAL from Israel is something of a symphonic rock singer-songwriter. An enchantingly fragile and at

the same time energetically strong voice meets rocky to metallic sounds, piano and violin and becomes something unique through excellent songwriting. Jazzy playfulness and a certain heaviness compete and merge as something completely new in a classic dress. In this perfectly coordinated mess, folk also plays a strong role.

"Under Your Bed" is an impressive piece of art, which at least I will go through many more rounds. I already have catchy tunes from “Win Me Over” and “Go Dark”. Incredibly strong!'



Superb what MORAN MAGAL presents here with "Under Your Bed". Between dark

romantic, gothic and progressive sound friends there is a lot for long-lasting enjoyment!

– Metal Underground (AT)


'I really loved this record; maybe my sophistry here and there complaining about the lack of dynamics in

the drumming, but from a playing and compositional point of view it's so memorable that I give it a full 10'.

– Metal Temple


Composing / Recordings / Collaborations

Moran Magal recorded piano and released a video together with the German band Tanzwut in 2021 for the acoustic version of 'Bis zum Meer’.

Composed and recorded piano for different artists, among them, Israeli world known Metal Band

Orphaned Land's album 'All Is One' and composed the music for 'Left Behind' from Orphaned Land's

new album ‘Unsung Profits and Dead Messiahs’.

Moran recorded piano parts for the new upcoming album of the guitarist Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger.

Moran Composed for the singer Nina Jiers, former lead singer of Neopera (Ear Music) the theme song of her debut EP 'Precious Time' (lyrics and music) and wrote the song 'Charity' and 'Mirror Mirror' for the Berlin Gothic choir Stimmgewalt, who also recorded choir tracks for 'Under Your Bed' and collaborates with Moran Magal often on stage.

In 2020, Moran joined as a keyboardist and vocalist to the Symphonic Metal band Dying Phoenix - founded by Pat ST James. Composer and producer of the debut-album is Oliver Palotai of Kamelot.



Time Prisoner (2023) 

label - 7HARD 

TIME PRISONER is Moran's 5th album and musically heavier than anything you have heard before from MORAN MAGAL and it also has a unique feminine concept - Women as time prisoners.

Moran wrote, composed and recorded Time Prisoner - as a part of a life journey - or maybe the biggest life journey - when she was pregnant with her first child.

The conflict of motherhood versus the loss of one's freedom, previous life and

women’s biological clock were big points of inspiration for time prisoner. 

Moran Magal arranged and produced TIME PRISONER together with - Matthias

Preisinger Alexander who also recorded several folk instruments, and the co lyricist -

Yotam Defiler Avni ( Prey for Nothing), has written part of the lyrics.

The album was recorded by Fabian Jung in Brickwork music Berlin, and mixed and

mastered by Benjamin Schwenen ( Elli Berlin, Tanzwut)

'The amount of passion and talent in this album is incredible'

9/10 under cover rock ad metal webzine 

Under Your Bed (2019)

is the 4th original album by Moran Magal.

It’s dark, melodic, romantic and powerful, and can be classified between Dark Folk Rock to Melodic Metal.

UYB is about childhood demons, loss of a loved one, fighting depression and hope. It's also dedicated to the sound engineer Rafael Immelmann who sadly passed away during the recordings of the album.

Moran Magal wrote, composed and produced the album herself, and was supported by her fans through a crowdfunding campaign, on March 2019. UYB was released by the label SAOL and FBP publishing.

Shades Of Metal Private Collection (2015)

is her private collection of Heavy Metal cherished

classics, transformed into beautiful piano and vocal arrangements. These new signature renditions

get a fragile yet rebellious edge that adds a unique personal tone and accessible femininity to the

Heavy Metal of Metallica, System of a Down, Marilyn Manson, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper,

Orphaned Land and others. Moran's performance of the song "Poison" by Alice Cooper (also from the

album) was crowned as "the perfect audition" at the Israeli TV version of "THE VOICE (Season 3). Ccollaborated and recorded duets with Moran Magal on this album are the renowned Metal musicians:

Warrel Dane - Lead singer of Nevermore & Sanctuary, Kobi Farhi - lead singer of Orphaned Land and Yossi Sassi (Orphaned Land). 'Shades Of Metal' was arranged and produced by Moran Magal.

Co-producer and recording engineer: Barak Olier. Released by the German label USM.

Regishut Yeter / Over Sensitivity (2013)

is Moran's Hebrew album.

The album was written and composed by Moran Magal and includes 11 songs from different periods of her life. The album ranges

from folk ballads to Heavy Rock, all piano based, pure emotion and storytelling. All songs written and

composed by Moran Magal. Produced by Gal Padeh.

Piece of Advice (2010)

is Moran's Debut EP and musical celebration, pictures from the artist's life

and a showcase of Moran's wide musical range. The album is dark, humanistic, virtuoso, and full of

emotion. It ranges from Rock to Metal ballad (Feel Again, Piece of Advice), dark cabaret and beautiful

intimate piano ballads. All tracks were written and composed by Moran.

Concert Archive

Moran Magal can already look back at some successful performances on world acclaimed stages,

among them are Trolls & Legends Festival 2019 (BE), Darkstream Festival 2020, Altlansberg

Metal Festival 2022 (DE. As headliner), SOM Acoustic Tour 2018 (FI), FemMe 2016 (NL), Carte

Blanche Festival 2018 (BE), WGT festival (DE. Outdoor performances), Budapest Art Days 2019

(HU).Piano Festival 2017 (IL), Opening act for Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema) Orphaned Land andMaiden United, Jacob's Ladder Festival (IL), The Jewish Summer Festival Budapest (HU), AbuGosh Vocal Festival (IL), KlubRadio concert with Peter Gerendas Band - Budapest (HU), ‘The Voice’ of Israel.

please visit the site's concert archive section for recent concerts. 

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