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Check out Moran's compositions/productions for theatre  

In Addition to Moran's rock/metal background- Moran Magal is also a pianist/composer who accompanied many theatre productions, Cabaret shows, actors for acting schools auditions/performances and more. Moran played as a pianist at "Habima" Israel's National theatre on the cast of 'HABIMA' from Yoram Levinstein Acting School, " Beit Zvi" Acting School , "Zavta" Theater- Tel Aviv, and more. 
-Moran Magal composed the music for the Cabaret show " Digital Love " that was showing at the acclaimed " Woman Festival" in Holon - Israel - 2014. 

- I n 2020, Moran served as a pianist for the translated German version of 'Heathers' The musical - Berlin  


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