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Concrete Wall

Left Behind - Orphaned Land - music composed by Moran Magal

Duet with Kobi Farhi {Orphaned Land}

Piano/Vocals collaboration with TANZWUT (DE)

Piano recordings for the album 'All is One' by Orphaned Land

Duet with Warrel Dane {USA}

Duet with Tommi Salmela (Tarot - FI) Song was written and composed by Moran Magal

Collaboration with Yossi Sassi {IL}

Choir arrangements to the songs Feel Again / Charity - Lyrics, Music and Arr. By Moran Magal

 Piano recordings for  Hani Mojtahedy / BBC live session

Music for Theatre and different productions could be found here:

Collaboration with Peter Gerendas (Hu) 

Piano recordings  for Opere/Metal Singer Nina Jiers {DE}

Piano recordings for Noa and Lev  (IL)

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